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Most churches do a wonderful job of caring for grieving people from their congregation in the immediate days surrounding a death and a funeral.  Meals are provided, services conducted, and cards and flowers are sent. Typically, a pastor/church leader is directly involved with those who have lost a loved one before and immediately after the funeral.

But the griever often NEEDS more!

A few days after the funeral, most of the people surrounding the griever return to their daily routines.  They don’t understand the deep, prolonged impact caused by the death of a spouse, child, family member, or close friend. The griever needs ongoing support and encouragement, lasting months, or perhaps even longer. It’s a level of care that even the most conscientious pastor is unable to provide.

Grief Share consists of 13 weekly sessions built around 3 components: video seminar, small group discussion, and workbook. Participants will benefit from sustained interaction with their group over 13 weeks.  This group will become much like a family for many group members. At each meeting, participants learn about grief-related issues. The topics covered during those 13 weeks can be grouped into the following thematic categories:

Comfort, Answers, and Hope! Won’t you sign up today and begin “Your journey from mourning to joy”.

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